With over 100 years experience and knowledge in the cleaning of delicate fabrics and varying types of garments Stannards Drycleaners have proved to gradually build a solid reputation in specialised areas. These areas include what is known as the Stannards Drycleaners Deluxe Service. 

Utilising the latest in technology the Deluxe Service is the ultimate care for your garments and ideal for:
  • The finest in suiting
  • Hand made garments
  • Delicate silks
  • Unique designer garments
  • Crystal and sequined garments
  • Caring for wedding gowns
  • Delicate garments
Included in the caring for wedding gowns is the packaging and storage in protective boxes with acid-free tissue paper for safe long-term storage. A major area of Stannards Drycleaners specialised cleaning service is of precious possessions and the staff take every measure to produce the finest care when trusted with such responsibilities.

Your gown never leaves our faculty until you pick it up.
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