Green Earth

Taking care for the environment

We are using "Best Practices" in garment care and environmental stewardship.

We don't  use Perchloroethylene (Perc), a toxic chemical which is now banned in parts of USA.

All our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and above all have no just-dry-cleaned smell, leaving your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and feeling softer.

Green Earth® cleaning is a silicone based dry cleaning solvent. It shares the same base - silicone - as hair care, makeup and deodorant products.

Green Earth® is inert, so will not chemically react with your precious garments, as traditional dry cleaning solvent might. No faded colours, no garments losing their soft handle, no streaky silks, no degreased or broken zips, no shrinkage.

In fact, chances are that if your garments smell after you take them to a dry cleaner, they may not be clean at all !! Clean garments should not smell, and you should never have to take them home and hang them outside to get rid of that "just dry cleaned" odour.

Stannards is one of the first dry cleaners in the southern hemisphere to embrace this Green Earth® technology.

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